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iPage vs. Go Daddy

When selecting between iPage and Go Daddy for internet hosting, there are many factors to think about. Not all hosting companies are created equal. They vary in value, as well as the quality of options and technical support they supply. Therefore, it’s necessary to research every company rigorously, to know which of them includes the options for your specific desires.


Founded in 1997, iPage is a full-fledged seasoned internet hosting supplier with just a single shared hosting plan. The hosting set up is affordable and rich-featured. Rather than providing the foremost common cPanel control interface, iPage also includes the vDesk control interface.

In addition to unlimited storage space and email accounts, you’ll get a free domain included after you register, a no-charge protection suite which is exclusive to iPage, and free web site building tools which incorporates WordPress. If you’re planning on using your website for an online shop, then you will also have access to their ecommerce store package which might make it lots easier for you and your potential customers.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is overall the biggest and most well-known of internet hosting firms. One of the factors that isn’t that great about Go Daddy is that they do not supply the chat support that iPage includes. However, a plus factor is that Go Daddy now has a good tablet application that allows you to access your account on your mobile device.

Go Daddy additionally provides website building help. A number of their hosting plans embrace Website Tonight, a top-notch software system with over 1,000 pre-made themes that permit an individual to create a customized website quickly, even if you have no previous programming knowledge. Plus, Go Daddy has the biggest script library available.

Pay hosting plans include access to Go Daddy’s insider Hosting Connection, which incorporates around two million scripts, apps, and features for building and enhancing your website. Hosting Connection has 1-click installs for the identical programs that are provided by iPage, plus, it includes more additional tools than any other hosting company alive.

iPage and Go Daddy each include around the clock support via telephone, e-mail, and live support. They also each have a variety of knowledge base tips. But Go Daddy provides additional support options and boasts of instant telephone service, whereas iPage is the only 1 of those 2 corporations to supply eco-friendly hosting.

It is basically up to you to choose the right company for you. But since they each have such a large number of clients globally, it would appear they are both definitely respected companies with a lot of options and accessible customer support.

You could possibly end up getting lost amongst all of those clients; however, you could end up waiting a much shorter time to obtain customer service.  For many, this won’t be a large problem since not many webmasters need their web hosting company for support. Visit the iPage and Go Daddy websites for additional details and to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each company.

iPage Hosting Review

iPage was started in 1998 and provides shared hosting services, currently hosting over one million websites. Providing just one “all-inclusive” hosting set up, iPage provides customers unlimited data space and email addresses starting at just $3.25 per month. A price that is certainly hard to beat for competitors. An anytime-money-back-guarantee shows that they are assured in their service quality. iPage includes a serious environmentally friendly policy and is powered 100 percent by wind energy.

A wide variety of services are offered by iPage to assist clients in getting their websites up and ready to do business. Their tag lines are “Get an internet site that works – fast and simple – no expertise necessary”. This guarantee is unbroken by a unprecedented array of net development tools, online store and multimedia system options and services, that facilitate customers to set up websites, blogs, image galleries, and different apps as well. A free on-line store application is enclosed in addition to that. To boot, customers receive over $400 in bonuses to use with third-party services and different hosting services.

iPage’s policy demands a powerful concentration on security. Purchasers receive a no-charge security suite upon registering with the hosting service and selecting a package. This suite includes a price of $100 and offers clients the possibility to show a uniform security certificate for their web sites. This badge guarantees that their company is safe, doesn’t participate in any phishing scams and periodic security scans are done to shield the site’s guests.

As with most web hosting suppliers today, iPage delivers a pooled server set up to service their customers. This means, the bundle of website requests is balanced equally into a pool of the many net servers. This enables high redundancy, the most dependability and responsiveness. iPage’s knowledge center fulfills current security standards. The company maintains backup generators to secure uptime in the event of an electrical outage and customers’ files are backed up.

iPage’s reliability and performance are of a high standard. Despite the fact that there always will be another company that makes even larger claims of better service, iPage’s redundancy and reliability is amazing enough to be thought of as being amongst the top choices in the industry.

Although the control panel is quite average, all different components in the system have tested to be extraordinarily useful. iPage offers solely shared hosting plans. If a frenzied server or a lot of processor power is required for large-scale net applications, different hosting options are the better alternative. Individuals as well as small to medium sized firms however, can hardly find a more engaging hosting package.

iPage is your best bet when it comes to services that will meet the needs of clients at a low cost. You can expect to be treated well by their services and you will receive prompt support no matter the issue.

Save Even More on Webhosting with iPage Coupons

ipage-logoThe web hosting service from iPage is already among the most cost-effective that are available on the web, but it is possible to save even more. Unlike many web hosting services there are relatively few iPage coupons available every year, but they offer significant discounts. This can make the cost of setting up a new website very affordable, and gives you a good chance to establish the traffic to your site that will make it a financially viable tool for your business.

The standard $7.95 monthly fee from iPage is already on a par with the cheapest hosting coupon codes being offered for web hosting services at hostgatordiscounts.org, but new customers almost never pay this full price. The introductory offer from iPage is always much lower and can provide as much as 70% off of the regular price for an initial period, with a slightly lower continued price reduction after that to the end of the first year. Coupled with the year’s free domain registration and almost $200 in online marketing credit this makes the discounted price that is available through their official coupons great value for money. These introductory offers from iPage are changed on a regular basis, but the coupons that they make available on the web still usually make it possible to find the lowest price they have offered, and can reduce the price to as low as $1.99 per month initially.

The service from iPage isn’t restricted by the use of an introductory coupon and you will still get access to their full range of services right from the beginning. Most of the coupons that are available are from affiliate vendors and so you won’t have to troll through lists of codes to find one that works. It is usually just a matter of clicking through on the affiliate link to initiate your discounted service offers, and iPage displays a full disclosure for each of their approved affiliate coupon links, so that you can be certain that it is fully supported. Because there is only one flat-rate fee charged for their web hosting, the range of services provided with every iPage web hosting account is not restricted by the monthly price that you pay, as is often the case with their competitors’ services. For this reason, iPage coupons are all geared to provide a discounted price on their monthly rates, and this can significantly reduce the set up costs for a new website.

The world class technology and full customer support make iPage a practical choice for new webmasters who are just setting up for the first time. The heavily discounted rates that are available from iPage means that you can reduce the cost of your learning curve as you establish your new website. Along with the comprehensive range of included services, including unlimited bandwidth and storage that usually cost extra, these coupons make web hosting from iPage great value for the money, and a practical choice for building an effective website for any application from a simple hobby blog to a fully functional retail website.

Install WordPress onto Your iPage Account in Only Minutes

ipage-wordpress-hostingWordPress is the most popular web design software on the internet right now, with more than 67 million websites on their free platform. There many times that number of the 600 million sites currently on the net being powered by their Open Source free software. This is because their web design application is user-friendly, flexible and versatile enough to make almost any sort of website that you could want to set up. For many users, the easy installation of this popular application will be a deciding factor in which web host service they choose.

The iPage WordPress hosting is easy to access and can be installed straight from your control panel. There are only a few short steps involved in setting up a new WordPress site on your iPage account, and it doesn’t require any complicated file transfers or require that you know anything about establishing dedicated databases. It is a simple matter of accessing the installer via the simple scripts list in your iPage control panel, and following a few simple steps.

It is a good idea to decide on some of the details before you start the process, like the site name and the theme that you will want to use for your site. If you want to install the site to a sub-domain, you will want to have worked out the details in advance so you can focus on setting up the new site. iPage uses vDeck Control Panel and to access the WordPress installer you need to click on the “simple scripts” link under “websites.” This will bring up the list of over 70 proprietary scripts and applications that are available, and next you will have to scroll down to the list of blog platform installers and click on the WordPress icon.

This will open the actual installer, and you will be prompted to click on the install button to initiate the set up process. The next step will be to decide on the correct installation directory, and here you will be asked to give any sub-domain names that you want to use for the web address. If you choose not to use a sub-domain, then the installation with be to your root domain. Following this you will need to return to the control panel and select the document root for your new website, by saving the base web address as the default opening page for your website. To do this, go into the website manager and click on the .htacess Editor to bring up the list of pages that you have created in your account. Select the root page of the new website and click on “save” to publish it in cyberspace.

Using these simple steps can have your new WordPress website up and working in only a few minutes. After that, you will have to access your new site via its own WordPress Dashboard to edit the details, like the theme and the format that you want to use. With such a simple set up process, anyone with basic computer skills can build a great website in only a few hours.

Effective Content Management with iPage Joomla Hosting

ipage-joomla-hostingJoomla is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web today. This is because it provides flexible practicality and versatility that other platforms can’t match. While WordPress may be the most popular blogging platform, Joomla is more technically focused and provides superior functionality with unparalleled user management capabilities. Projects can be set up with complex hierarchies of content contributors, project managers and site administrators all with their own levels of permissions. This makes it a practical enterprise platform that can handle the behind-the-scenes administration load, as well as present a fully functional business website from the same root directory.

Installing Joomla sites to your iPage web hosting account takes only a few simple steps, and while it may take more than a basic acquaintance with a computer to set up, it can certainly be installed by anyone who can follow the prompts. It is more than a simple blog designer, and users are able to create as many sub categories as they like, which makes it the superior system for organizing large volumes of online content into easy-to-access directories. The Open Source origins of Joomla mean that it is constantly in development and there is an ever-expanding range of add-ons that you can use to expand the size and functionality of your website. Some of the add-ons do come with a fee or a monthly charge, but there are just as many free applications available.

Adding content of all sorts is easy to do via the integrated media management tools, and after an initial period spent finding your way around the Joomla dashboard, it will become intuitive to use and give you access to the greater flexibility that is available in this CMS platform. Joomla also provides greater formatting flexibility than other web design tools and for users that can handle a bit of PHP coding it is even possible to create fully customized sites with very little effort. Of course, because Joomla is Open Source, the more technically-minded webmasters can also access the source code for the application to customize it for their exact specifications, allowing them to create a wider range of online displays and website structures.

iPage offers a full range of tutorials on setting up, using and maintaining your Joomla site and their tech support staff can also provide guidance on basic set up issues that you may encounter. Because of its Open Source code, there are also many thriving online communities of Joomla users that can usually help to iron out any technical bugs, or where you can find guidance on the best way to develop your own unique websites powered by this versatile web design application. Perhaps the best part about using Joomla is that the basic program is free and comes as a standard inclusion with all iPage web hosting accounts, meaning that you don’t have to spend anything extra on proprietary software to start getting value for the money that you have spent on your website.

Get the Full Range of Functionality from iPage’s Web Hosting


When you want to build a website, you don’t want to spend time learning about the technical details of HTML, you just want a simple, straightforward platform that will enable you to get online as quickly as possible. At the same time, you will want access to all of the functionality that is needed to make your website work for your specific application, at an affordable price. The iPage web hosting package provides you with a full range of features, from a simple webpage-building application that enables you to build your own custom website, to all of the marketing tools that you will need to use to promote your new online presence.

Many of the more popular web hosting deals requires you to have a working knowledge of how to use third party software. The package from iPage comes with an easy to use template based website builder that makes creating your own webpage a simple process of choosing the format that is right for your application. iPage also supplies all of the features that you will need to expand on this foundation like support for unlimited domains, built in PayPal support and ready-to-go online retail website functionality.

All of this comes at an astoundingly low introductory monthly cost of $1.99 for the first term of your service. This makes it possible to keep the establishment costs for your online presence as low as possible while you work on building traffic to your site. In addition to this, every new account is provided with free advertising credits for Google AdWords, Yahoo and Bing search marketing and Facebook advertising to make it even easier for you to successfully launch your project in cyberspace. The focus is on support for commercial sites with an autoresponder and e-mail forwarding features integrated into every address that you set up, to provide all of the e-mail functionality that you expect from your web host service.

There are also all of the support features from unlimited e-mail addresses, shopping cart software and a toll-free phone number that is attached to your account. There is unlimited disk space and bandwidth so that you have all of the room to store your data online and the performance to ensure that your visitors get the fast download that is so vital to a successful website now. There are also the full range of analytical functions that report on the traffic to your site as well as Google’s Webmaster tools that are essential for SEO and keyword targeting.

The webhosting packages from iPage supply world-class technology and come backed by comprehensive technical support so that regardless of your level of experience, you can produce a quality result right from the beginning. There is also a 30-day, money-back guarantee on all of the services that they provide, to give you a chance to be sure that you are getting the value for money from your website that you expected. The user friendly package from iPage makes it simple to make and maintain your website whether you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster at a price that delivers great value for money.

Make an Informed Choice About the Webhosting Service from iPage

Web hosting services from iPage has been around for over a decade, but it has been since its re-launch in 2009 that they have become one of the market leaders. They provide a straightforward, all-inclusive, flat-rate package at very competitive rates. This is backed up by quality hardware and comprehensive technical service and support. iPage is owned by the Endurance International Group, which also owns several other big names in the industry like FatCow, GoDaddy and BlueHost, to name just a few. This means that they have the capital and the experience to produce a quality webhosting service that you can rely on.

Webhosting packages from iPage come with the complete compliment of services that you will need for everything from setting up a new website to promoting it and marketing your products, with e-mail autoresponders. For a very affordable, flat, monthly fee they provide unlimited storage space and bandwidth to ensure the best possible user experience for your website’s visitors. They also support unlimited domains and e-mail addresses, allowing you to expand your online presence whenever you choose to without incurring any extra webhosting costs. All new accounts are provided with one year’s free domain registration and there is a simple template-based website designer that allows you to create custom websites, regardless of your level of tech savvy.


The standard web hosting accounts from iPage come with all of the bells and whistles that the other industry leaders provide, so that you can set up any sort of website without having to spend extra on third party proprietary software. For the more experienced webmaster, there is support for an unlimited number of MySQL databases, as well as simple one-click installers for all of the popular web design software like WordPress and Joomla, and provides over 70 software options via its intuitive control panel interface. The standard package also includes full PayPal integration and secure pages, as well as a free online store website builder that can have you online with your retail products within hours. There are also simple templates for setting up photo gallery and blog websites so that you can focus on creating your content and not on the technical details of building a new website.

The introductory prices from iPage are among the cheapest on the web, but it is best to bear in mind that, after the initial “honeymoon period,” the renewal fees will go up. Even so, the deal from iPage is still among the most competitively priced web hosting packages available, and the excellent 24/7 customer service and technical support that comes as a standard feature of all accounts more than compensates for the small amount more that this costs, over some of the bottom-end web hosts. There is also the added value of almost $200 in online marketing credit that comes with every new account, to get you started with promoting your new website. Along with the huge range of practical features and the backing of one of the most experienced internet corporations in the business, it makes the service from iPage worth investigating, when you are looking for a web hosting service.