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Save Even More on Webhosting with iPage Coupons

ipage-logoThe web hosting service from iPage is already among the most cost-effective that are available on the web, but it is possible to save even more. Unlike many web hosting services there are relatively few iPage coupons available every year, but they offer significant discounts. This can make the cost of setting up a new website very affordable, and gives you a good chance to establish the traffic to your site that will make it a financially viable tool for your business.

The standard $7.95 monthly fee from iPage is already on a par with the cheapest hosting coupon codes being offered for web hosting services at, but new customers almost never pay this full price. The introductory offer from iPage is always much lower and can provide as much as 70% off of the regular price for an initial period, with a slightly lower continued price reduction after that to the end of the first year. Coupled with the year’s free domain registration and almost $200 in online marketing credit this makes the discounted price that is available through their official coupons great value for money. These introductory offers from iPage are changed on a regular basis, but the coupons that they make available on the web still usually make it possible to find the lowest price they have offered, and can reduce the price to as low as $1.99 per month initially.

The service from iPage isn’t restricted by the use of an introductory coupon and you will still get access to their full range of services right from the beginning. Most of the coupons that are available are from affiliate vendors and so you won’t have to troll through lists of codes to find one that works. It is usually just a matter of clicking through on the affiliate link to initiate your discounted service offers, and iPage displays a full disclosure for each of their approved affiliate coupon links, so that you can be certain that it is fully supported. Because there is only one flat-rate fee charged for their web hosting, the range of services provided with every iPage web hosting account is not restricted by the monthly price that you pay, as is often the case with their competitors’ services. For this reason, iPage coupons are all geared to provide a discounted price on their monthly rates, and this can significantly reduce the set up costs for a new website.

The world class technology and full customer support make iPage a practical choice for new webmasters who are just setting up for the first time. The heavily discounted rates that are available from iPage means that you can reduce the cost of your learning curve as you establish your new website. Along with the comprehensive range of included services, including unlimited bandwidth and storage that usually cost extra, these coupons make web hosting from iPage great value for the money, and a practical choice for building an effective website for any application from a simple hobby blog to a fully functional retail website.