Effective Content Management with iPage Joomla Hosting

ipage-joomla-hostingJoomla is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web today. This is because it provides flexible practicality and versatility that other platforms can’t match. While WordPress may be the most popular blogging platform, Joomla is more technically focused and provides superior functionality with unparalleled user management capabilities. Projects can be set up with complex hierarchies of content contributors, project managers and site administrators all with their own levels of permissions. This makes it a practical enterprise platform that can handle the behind-the-scenes administration load, as well as present a fully functional business website from the same root directory.

Installing Joomla sites to your iPage web hosting account takes only a few simple steps, and while it may take more than a basic acquaintance with a computer to set up, it can certainly be installed by anyone who can follow the prompts. It is more than a simple blog designer, and users are able to create as many sub categories as they like, which makes it the superior system for organizing large volumes of online content into easy-to-access directories. The Open Source origins of Joomla mean that it is constantly in development and there is an ever-expanding range of add-ons that you can use to expand the size and functionality of your website. Some of the add-ons do come with a fee or a monthly charge, but there are just as many free applications available.

Adding content of all sorts is easy to do via the integrated media management tools, and after an initial period spent finding your way around the Joomla dashboard, it will become intuitive to use and give you access to the greater flexibility that is available in this CMS platform. Joomla also provides greater formatting flexibility than other web design tools and for users that can handle a bit of PHP coding it is even possible to create fully customized sites with very little effort. Of course, because Joomla is Open Source, the more technically-minded webmasters can also access the source code for the application to customize it for their exact specifications, allowing them to create a wider range of online displays and website structures.

iPage offers a full range of tutorials on setting up, using and maintaining your Joomla site and their tech support staff can also provide guidance on basic set up issues that you may encounter. Because of its Open Source code, there are also many thriving online communities of Joomla users that can usually help to iron out any technical bugs, or where you can find guidance on the best way to develop your own unique websites powered by this versatile web design application. Perhaps the best part about using Joomla is that the basic program is free and comes as a standard inclusion with all iPage web hosting accounts, meaning that you don’t have to spend anything extra on proprietary software to start getting value for the money that you have spent on your website.

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