Install WordPress onto Your iPage Account in Only Minutes

ipage-wordpress-hostingWordPress is the most popular web design software on the internet right now, with more than 67 million websites on their free platform. There many times that number of the 600 million sites currently on the net being powered by their Open Source free software. This is because their web design application is user-friendly, flexible and versatile enough to make almost any sort of website that you could want to set up. For many users, the easy installation of this popular application will be a deciding factor in which web host service they choose.

The iPage WordPress hosting is easy to access and can be installed straight from your control panel. There are only a few short steps involved in setting up a new WordPress site on your iPage account, and it doesn’t require any complicated file transfers or require that you know anything about establishing dedicated databases. It is a simple matter of accessing the installer via the simple scripts list in your iPage control panel, and following a few simple steps.

It is a good idea to decide on some of the details before you start the process, like the site name and the theme that you will want to use for your site. If you want to install the site to a sub-domain, you will want to have worked out the details in advance so you can focus on setting up the new site. iPage uses vDeck Control Panel and to access the WordPress installer you need to click on the “simple scripts” link under “websites.” This will bring up the list of over 70 proprietary scripts and applications that are available, and next you will have to scroll down to the list of blog platform installers and click on the WordPress icon.

This will open the actual installer, and you will be prompted to click on the install button to initiate the set up process. The next step will be to decide on the correct installation directory, and here you will be asked to give any sub-domain names that you want to use for the web address. If you choose not to use a sub-domain, then the installation with be to your root domain. Following this you will need to return to the control panel and select the document root for your new website, by saving the base web address as the default opening page for your website. To do this, go into the website manager and click on the .htacess Editor to bring up the list of pages that you have created in your account. Select the root page of the new website and click on “save” to publish it in cyberspace.

Using these simple steps can have your new WordPress website up and working in only a few minutes. After that, you will have to access your new site via its own WordPress Dashboard to edit the details, like the theme and the format that you want to use. With such a simple set up process, anyone with basic computer skills can build a great website in only a few hours.

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